We can't afford runaway energy & fuel costs.
If state regulators get their way – Californians could be forced to pay higher and higher energy and fuel costs
We can't afford higher energy bills.
Will, farmer and resident of the Central Valley
We can't afford more costs to fuel.
Jarred, carpenter and resident of Southern California

Today's Average Fuel Cost:
$3.673 per gallon*

CARB is Currently Developing New Regulations

  • One new regulation is around the "Price Ceiling" for the cost of allowances used in the program. The price ceiling directly impacts the price of fuel and your daily costs - the higher the ceiling, the higher your costs.

What’s The Issue

The Legislature passed bipartisan legislation aimed at reducing emissions while at the same time containing costs that would harm Californians and businesses. This is known as cap-and-trade.

State regulators at the California Air Resources Board were directed to “avoid adverse impacts on resident households, businesses and the state’s economy” when determining the limit on the price of carbon to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

State regulators are ignoring the Legislature with their proposal that would increase fuel costs up to $1.09 a gallon according to experts at Stillwater Associates.

Californians already pay high additional costs at the pump!

The Current breakdown

Californians already pay high additional costs at the pump!

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We don’t want to be run out of the state by runaway fuel and energy costs.

Ask the California Air Resources Board to follow the legislation and contain costs. Protect the Environment & Our Cost of Living.

What’s At Stake

Runaway energy costs when Californians already pay higher than most of the U.S.1


More household income spent on fuel costs for commuting to work, utility bills, and weekly grocery bills2

Loss of Californian jobs to closure or relocation to more energy friendly states3