Opinion: With climate law, legislators said control costs; but CARB said no

With the defeat of Proposition 6, California has renewed its commitment to rebuilding our roads, bridges, and highways while creating tens of thousands of jobs. Prop. 6 had been placed on the 2018 election ballot to repeal a 12-cent tax on gasoline which the Legislature enacted last year to fund urgently needed road repair and other infrastructure improvements. By rejecting the repeal of this tax, the voters have put their faith in us, their elected representatives, to responsibly and prudently apply this funding to its best and most transparent uses in the public interest.

It is paramount that we honor that trust by reining in another cost at the gas pump – which is far bigger and far less accountable than the gas tax. The California Air Resources Board (CARB) is proposing a new regulation that may impose skyrocketing costs on Californians’ fuel, energy, and other necessities. In fact, economists estimate CARB’s proposal will add more than a dollar to the cost of a gallon of gas – more than nine times greater than the gas tax we just fought an election over.

Click here to read the article on The Mercury News.


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